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  1. Henning Lederer

    looking for a burn pot rope gasket and control panel for Whitfield Renaissance pellet stove serial # WH 11442. Any suggestion where I would be able to purchase these.
    Thank you, Henning Lederer

  2. steve newell

    I am installing a 1991 advantage II-T insert, what are the required clearances?
    Thanks for the help.

  3. Pellet Stove Guru Post author

    The Advantage II-T Classic freestanding pellet stove MUST be installed with the minimum following clearances available to combustible material:
    A. 1 inch clearance behind the stove **
    B. 1 inch clearance from the side of the stove (area described – front of hopper to rear of stove)
    C. 6 inch clearance from the side of the stove (area described – front of hopper to the stove’s door)
    D. 1 inch clearance to the corner when angled as in a corner installation E. 18 inch clearance above the stove with hopper closed

    **NOTE: Although a 1 inch clearance to combustible is a minimum, you should have at least 2 inch clearance to allow the hopper lid to open all the way

  4. cheryl

    I have had my profile 30 stove for 4 years now. when I first got it, it did not work well. after at least 10 visits from my local dealer, a rep from lennox came out. He did some things, then sealed something in the door and that fixed it. I was having the burnput fill up within the day, then it would flow over and the whole thing would be burning. now it is doing it again. He had said it was a design flaw in the door. I have replaced the rope gasket around the door… but can you tell me what within the door he sealed. once more the burnpot is filling up with ‘clinkers’ and not burning up… the glass is filling up with the black soot from the top…. I have cleaned everything out several times. Any advice would be helpful

  5. vaughn nagahashi

    I bought a used Whitfield Pellet Stove a few years ago but I’m not sure if it is the Advantage or Advantage I model — the serial no. of my stove is 93659. I also need to know if I can get a service manual for the stove. I attempted to start it for the first time this season but the auger will not turn even though the auger motor would kick in, so I shut it down for fear of burning out the motor. I assume I have a plugged auger, and could use a service manual so I can learn how to unplug the auger. Do you have any thoughts on this or can you provide a service manual? Help! My garage/workshop is getting cold!


  6. Pellet Stove Guru Post author

    Try Calling the factory tech.
    Lennox (Whitfield, Country, Earth Stove, Traditions) 800-655-2008