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Whitfield Profile 20, Profile 30 and Cascade Plug Connections is providing instructions for the Whitfield Profile 20, Profile 30 and Whitfield Cascade pellet stoves. Today’s post will show you the plug connections for your pellet stove. These instructions are taken directly from the service manual and are provided for informational purposes only. Please click HERE for a copy of your Whitfield pellet stove manual.

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Whitfield Profile 20, Profile 30, Traditons and Cascade Technical Information is offering a series on instructional posts to help our customers fix their Whitfield Profile 20, Whitfield Profile 30, Whitfield Cascade, and Traditions pellet stoves. Today’s post includes some helpful information about the units and also the wiring diagram for each of the pellet stoves.

If you have ANY questions or need help finding parts for your Whitfield Profile 20, Profile 30, Cascade or Traditions pellet stoves please email us at or call us, 1-800-893-4950, and one of our certified professionals will be happy to help you troubleshoot or find parts for your stove.

The Profile 20 & 30 product lines, as well as the Cascade model, are sheet metal in construction. The Profile 20 & 30 models contain a separate motor for combustion and convection air movement. The Cascade has one motor that drives two fans on a single shaft. All models are top feed, negative pressure combustion units. The Cascade has legs, while the Profile 20 & 30 freestanding models are on a pedestal. Each model contains ash slides and an ash drawer. The Profile 20 & 30 models are fully automatic and come standard with a thermostat and wire.

The Traditions line is a metal firebox housed within a cast body. There are three-baked porcelain enamel styles. They are Mojave Sand, Hunter Green, and Ebony Black. A fourth model is painted black cast. There are two motors for air movement, the combustion motor and convection motor. The top of the appliance directs convection air down to the hearth. These all come with legs and are fully automatic, standard equipped with thermostat and wire. There are ash slides and an ash drawer. A damper control handle is located behind the ash drawer on the right side facing the appliance.

Below is the wiring diagram for the Cascade, Profile Series and Traditions pellet stoves:



Whitfield Cascade 20 30 Wiring Diagram offers the complete line of parts still in production for the Whitfield Cascade 20 and Whitfield Cascade 30 pellet stoves.

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Below is the wiring diagram for the Cascade 20 and Cascade 30 pellet stoves. This diagram has been taken from the service manual provided by the manufacturer and is for educational purposes only. All repairs to your pellet stove should be performed by a certified pellet stove technician.

Whitfield Cascade Wiring Diagram

Factory Authorized Whitfield Pellet Stove Parts

Looking for parts for your Whitfield pellet stove? We’ve got all the parts still being manufactured for the Whitfield line. Featuring Advantage I, Advantage II, Advantage II-T and III, Advantage II Classic, Advantage Plus WP7, Cascade, Legend, Optima 2, Optima 3 Prodigy I and II, Profile 20, Profile 30, Quest, Quest Plus and Renaissance.

Please click HERE, find your stove model and click on the picture to see a full list of parts available for your Whitfield pellet stove.

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