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  1. sootysue


    Thank you for contacting us. I’m going to email you a manual for your Whitfield Profile 30. There are some troubleshooting steps in the back of the manual to help you determine what’s wrong with your control board.

    If the control panel is bad, there are two options 1 a new control board for $360:

    The second option is to repair the control board, $225 and requires you send the board in for repair:

    Hope this helps and thanks again for contacting us.


    have prefilefs-2-30,ser.15392 unit works perfect in start up mode runs for 10 min.unit is on a themostate heat set at med to hi.but not feed to keep it burning, sootie sue can you help me.would like to require proper serice manual,thank you;gene at fton chimney sweep inc.fredericton n.b.canada

  3. Pellet Stove Guru Post author

    Hello, I’m sorry I don’t understand which stove you have. Is it a Whitfield Profile 30-2? Have you tried bypassing the high limit switch?

  4. ED

    Hi: I have a Whitfield pellet stove. The blower will stay on even after the fire is out for several hours. Do you have any ideas?

  5. Brett Moore

    Hello, I have whitfield advantage stove, the blower motor and auger are stuck on one speed, I think’s hooked to thermostat but still doesn’t change the speed with thermostat or controls on stove.

  6. Pellet Stove Guru Post author

    Try Calling the factory tech.
    Lennox (Whitfield, Country, Earth Stove, Traditions) 800-655-2008