Homestead Series How To Replace A Wood Stove Seal

Homestead Series How To Replace A Wood Stove Seal

Following about four several years of use our wooden stove necessary a new seal. This was our 1st time changing one particular, but it was easy.
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20 thoughts on “Homestead Series How To Replace A Wood Stove Seal

  1. mbyr31

    No, it will still work fine. In fact, recently our cleaner is “out of
    service” but we will still be burning. What happens is it just makes it
    more messy and you have to clean the burner more frequently, thats all. We
    only cleaned it so we wouldn’t have to clean the burner every other day,
    rather just once every other week.

  2. lakota1974

    My stove is identical to yours.. i think… and my question is… What is
    the glue and the gasket brand… also do you know where to get a
    replacement piece of glass? Or do you know of someone or a site that sells
    replacement glass and gaskets?

  3. mbyr31

    We have a corn burner. It’s easier around me to find corn than it is to
    find wood. Actually corn is cheaper than wood. We don’t have the ability to
    get wood around here by means of cutting it up. We just go to the local
    co-op and pick up several bags of corn, then we clean it, and burn it!! It
    works well!! I might to a vid of it when we get it up and running!

  4. jihadacadien

    Well this is awsome especially about the insurance. plus corn is really
    hard to compost! Thanks

  5. leonardo1480

    in this weather we’re currently having, man I wished I had a wood stove,
    but I live in a multiestory

  6. Shrop Lad

    I think that you gave some very good advise there and did a good job – I
    found it useful for i also have this same type seal to fit.

  7. 58belvedere

    is it safe to have things on the shelf in back of the wood stove? good idea
    to make sure the damper control works good its not good when stove over
    heats and the pipes get hot hot,, it scares me!

  8. demoguy40

    I grew up in a house heated solely with wood,and my parents still live
    there.That being said we only cleaned the window in the woodstove door with
    dry handful of newspaper and it always came away crystal clear,just some
    hard rubbing required.good vid thanks

  9. yesiamanalien

    Nice video. I don’t have a wood stove (yet) but I didn’t know there was a
    thing around the door. Well now I know how to replace it lol

  10. Richardofdanbury

    Good project, just a couple of things. First generally a gasket will last 3
    to 4 years under heavy use. Second, is that the gasket is asbestos so care
    must be taken in removing and disposal. Technically, for you own protection
    you should be wearing a mask, rubber gloves and long sleeves. You should
    also have a disposal bag ready when the gasket is removed. It should be
    placed immediately in the bag before proceeding further. Richard of Danbury

  11. Homestead Acres

    just wondering you say you clean the corn will it not work right otherwise?

  12. mbyr31

    The corn, in my opinion, doesn’t produce as much heat as wood, but it’s
    cleaner burning and heats real nice. The thing I like best about wood
    burners though is the smell. Corn has no smell. Another thing about corn
    burners is they don’t run up your insurance rates. The chimney stays nice
    and cool, you can actually touch it. It doesn’t get hot.. All the hot air
    escapes through the front via a fan..

  13. katwillny

    @RedneckBlumpkin He has an entire series on how to do anything home hearth
    related. You never know he may become a sensation and get millions of
    viewers and become famous. and make lots of money

  14. Homestead Acres

    i guess the real question would be why would someone with such insight
    watch such a vid ?hmm are you ilumanati????

  15. grosteph58

    Good job mr Homestead , i’ve changed mine before restarting the stove for
    winter , i used a gasket kit like your’s. To clean the glass you can use a
    wet clothe and cold ashes ,it runs fine and it’s ecological : no chemical
    stuff .