How I Restored This Wood Burning Stove PART 2 *Step by Step *DIY

I now have all the rust removed & it is time to prep for hello temp paint. I show what paint I use as well as my portray strategy. I like this distinct brand name…
Movie Rating: four / 5

16 thoughts on “How I Restored This Wood Burning Stove PART 2 *Step by Step *DIY

  1. reyswonderworld

    Great job! I just have one question? I bought a stove just like this one.
    Where did you get the oval stove pipe that attaches at the stove? Thanks!

  2. James Libra

    Hi Mike, Didn’t that grate where you put the aluminum foil in the door have
    at one time a Mica window so you could see the flames?

  3. Ben Headrick

    Great Job Mike! I wish you would have kept it for a while and enjoyed some
    warm fires. I hope you made a nice profit on it. I have a rusted stove that
    I plan to restore before winter. I would be interested to see how Stove
    Bright paint compares to Rustoleum.

  4. Mike's DIY Projects & More

    I trust rustoleum to be a durable quality paint. I have had great results
    with it for years. VHT is a newer paint in my arsenal. It is for extreme
    temps. Using VHT in the fire box was an experiment. Order stove bright
    brand paint for your wood stove. Its a bit pricier but its the standard for
    painted stoves (from what I have read) Stove bright will most likely be
    what Im going to use to paint the next stove unless I get lazy and just use

  5. Mike's DIY Projects & More

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s funny because the day after I finished
    restoring this old stove I sold it & I didn’t mention anything to the new
    owner about this video (it wasn’t edited yet) I wonder if they’ll see it,
    doubt it but maybe. At least they’ll see a job well done. Still can’t
    believe it was sold in less then 24 hours. It wasn’t cheap either. Thanks
    again -Mike

  6. SSArt98

    Great job! I figured it would of taken me about, 1-2 months to do.(I start
    things and some times don’t get around to finishing them). Have built some
    cool furniture in the past, one table I made was from Japanese maple with
    the top being the top of the shipping container, pretty cool looking. My
    CD/VHS cabinet still needs a glass door & some trim work to finish. One of
    these days………. Again, great job! (you’re very meticulous)(a good
    thing) ~ PeaceOut, James

  7. Jon Malaya

    LoL yeah tv makes you so dumb, good work, am taking on a similar task atm,
    really good tips, thx mike 😀

  8. Anna L.

    Hello Mike,, i have one of these fireplaces .. how much do you think its
    worth.. mine is in really good condition.. not as good as your finished
    one.. =) you did a great job i might add.. !

  9. Mike's DIY Projects & More

    Hey James, want to know my secret to getting things done? You might laugh
    but back in 2008 I quit watching T.V. Now I still have a tv & just got one
    in the garage but I only sometimes watch the news, thats it… No more
    shows or movies really, just the internet. It sucked at first but I can
    never go back. My youtube channel reflects that as well. I didn’t start
    making videos until ’09 & it was only an accident I make videos today. Not
    for everyone …Thanks for the complement & watching -Mike

  10. Mike's DIY Projects & More

    It took a total of 3.5 days or maybe 20 hours. It took time to find the
    right thickness hinge pins to replace the missing one. I the hardest
    dirtiest part was the grinding, wear a dust mask!!! It was a fun simple

  11. Isaac Newton

    Good video. I have a question for you. Why did you use the Rust-Oleum Hi
    temp on the outside and the VHT on the inside? The reason I’m asking is I’m
    thinking about painting the outside of my stove with VHT but if the Rust
    Oleum hi temp is just as good I may go with that. Your opinion please.

  12. stove mica

    Hi Mike Well done. You said that the fire grate was missing, but on a lot
    of wood burning stoves, there isn’t a grate, it just burns on the base
    plate and coal stoves have a grate for the air needed for coal. Also you
    said you would of liked glass in the door, in fact it would of been stove
    mica sheets in there, the foil was just a quick fix somebody did. Keep the
    videos coming.