Pellet Stove Manuals

If the manual you need is not available, a quick email from our Contact Us page will usually result in a quick response with a manual attached. Most pellet stove manuals have instructions for doing simple repair tasks like installing a new auger motor or replacing the door gasket. But, one of the greatest benefits found in manuals is a partial parts list of the most common used and replaced parts. In the case of a Breckwell Auger Motor, the part number listed in the manual is “C-E-010”. Once you have your part number, type or paste it into A-1’s web site’s Search Field and get instant results. You can also type in your stove Make or Model such as “Whitfield Advantage” and get results for many common parts like fire backs, combustion blower motors, and even control panels.

8 thoughts on “Pellet Stove Manuals

  1. carol gildersleeve

    We have just begun to use a 1991 model of whitford. There is no instruction manuel to operate the stove. Could you please help me with the basic instructions. We have used it once and love it but am afraid I really don’t know what I am doing.
    Thank you for your help.
    Carol Gildersleeve

  2. sootysue

    Hi Carol,

    There should be a metal plate on the front, side, back or possibly inside the hopper of your stove that has the model and serial number of your stove. With that information we can find a manual for your stove. Please email us at for more information. Thank you!

  3. Linda Gillum

    A lady my friend knows has a Whitfield pellet stove Model WP2 for sale but she does not have the manual. My friend looked all over the stove to see if she could find a serial number but no luck. She did find that it is safe to use in a mobile home and as an insert etc. I really want to have a manual if I am going to buy this stove. Can you help?
    Linda G