Whitfield Manuals

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  1. Will

    How do I identify which Whitfield stove I have?

    Mfg Date: Sept 1993
    Serial #: WH-68953
    Model: WP2 Advantage

  2. sootysue


    Thanks for contacting us. The number you’ve provided is actually the serial number for your stove. There should be a metal plate or heavy sticker on the front, side, back or possibly inside the hopper. The date of manufacturer, full model name and serial number are on the sticker or plate. With that information we can try to locate a service manual for your stove.

    I’ll be sending an email to the address you provided as well.

  3. Bob McCoy

    I have a Whitfield Pellet Stove Model WP2 Advantage Insert, Serial No. 096221 and need an operation manual. We have a VHS tape that was left when we bought the house but we don’t have a tape player. Can you help me out.

  4. Roberta

    Hello there. I have a Freestanding Whitfield, made in 1991, and a serial # 30547. I am searching for a manual. Thanks.

  5. bill miller

    i need o manual for a whitfeild advantage11-t ss#wh108213 when i turn on stove lights on control panal come on but go off almost instanly.

  6. Tanja Rudnitski

    Hi, I am looking for a model and model number for a Whitfield pellet stove
    serial # WH 12385. We bought it used and will need a manual. Thanks

  7. Pellet Stove Guru Post author

    Try Calling the factory tech.
    Lennox (Whitfield, Country, Earth Stove, Traditions) 800-655-2008