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Quadrafire Classic 1200 Pelletstove Auger Motor Capacitor Replacement

My pellet stove was shutting down randomly. Lead to was a unsuccessful capacitor, the auger would randomly run backwards. Replacing solved the problem. The capacitor…

Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200

Quad whistling on Low at strat up. Difficult to hear, hut you can hear a slight whistle. I also operate from Low, to Med, then Substantial, then back down to Low. You can he…
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Quadrafire Auger Motor

What is the very best Auger motor for Quadrafire Pellet Stoves. For troubleshooting aid go to www.pelletstovepro.com. To locate components go to www.pelletstovepro.net.

Quadrafire classic bay 1200 properly burning

Just received all the ash and clinkers cleaned out of my dads quadrafire pellet stove. Boy its managing like a champ now, i located a hidden location to clean out in fro…
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Quadrafire insert

Video clip of insert with the door opening and closing to show how the fireplace dies out when the doorway closes.
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