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How To Order Ceramic Glass

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Whitfield Advantage Plus Pellet Stove Parts

A1 Stoves.com offers the complete line of Whitfield pellet stove parts for your Whitfield Pellet Stove. This article contains a complete list of parts still available for the Advantage Plus WP7 pellet stove. Click on any of the parts listed and you’ll be taken to our online shopping cart.

To find your stove’s serial number, check the back and sides of your stove for a small metal plate, your stove model and serial number will be contained on the plate. If you have questions please email us at info@a1stoves.com. We’ll be happy to help you find the parts that fit your Whitfield Advantage Plus stove. Thanks for shopping with us!

Part Numbers Part Description and Link

Body Components
11750400 Door Assembly (slate)
11750100 Door Assembly (black)
11750300 Door Assembly (brown)
11750500 Door Assembly (green)
11750123 Hinge Pins, gold (Set of 2)
11750003 Door Handle, gold
61057208 Glass Gasket (4’)
61057100 1/2 in. Door Rope (8 ft.)
12146402 Replacement Glass

Electrical Parts
12055902 Control Board
12057601 Ceramic Snapswitch
12058811 Wiring Harness
12145903 Pressure Switch
12147705 Snapswitch, 250 DG, 60T21
61057203 Common Convection fan Gasket
61050005 Comb. Fan Gasket
12050011 Combustion Blower
12146109 Convection Blower
12140213 Igniter Replacement

Auger System Components
12153900 Auger, Flange
12046300 Auger Motor
11756300 Auger Shaft Kit
61050003 Auger End Plate Gasket
12041300 Auger Collar and Screw set (3 pieces)

Firebox Parts
11750015 Firebrick set
11750011 Brick Clips (2 clips)