This VLOG is about a trip to the Mount Vernon Plantation the house of the first President George Washington along with some highlights of my kids meeting a S…
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6 thoughts on “VLOG#4 MOUNT VERNON TRIP

  1. Vivienne Hamilton

    I could eat curry every day I love it. Talking of reality shows, I really
    love Big Rich Atlantans (think that’s what its called) and there is another
    one about Texans – its a must. I have never watched Beverley Hills
    Housewifes – must do. 

  2. Bodie6971

    Oh Julie I just loved this so much. Wow what a place and what a view!
    Thank you for the very special shout out – that was just so lovely. How
    weird to find a Scot there! Great vlog xxx

  3. jason callan

    Thank you for sharing Julie, that looks like a great place to visit. Very
    entertaining video, well done. :)