Whitfield Advantage IIT and III Pellet Stove Parts

We have the full line of Whitfield Advantage II-T and Whitfield III pellet stove parts that are still in production. Below please find the complete parts list for the II T and III. By clicking HERE or on the part name below, you will taken to our online store. If you can’t find the part you are looking for please email us at info@pelletstovepart.com or call us Mon. – Fri., 8 am – 5 pm pacific 1-800-893-4950 and we’ll be happy to help you find the parts you need!
WP2 ADVANTAGE II-T YEARS: 1990 through 2000 Serial no. 18145 and up
Whitfield Advantage III YEARS: 1991 through 1996 Serial no. 18145 and up

Parts Numbers Part Description

Body Components
12140510 Bracket, Door Hinge
12151505 Bracket Kit, Window Wash
12150500 Door Assembly, Complete, Advantage II-T C- Black (3 pc)
61057100 Gasket Kit, Door Rope (WP2/WP4; 1/2″ round; 7 ft.; firm)
61057201 Gasket Kit, Glass (WP2; 10 feet; 5/8″, black with adhesive)
12146402 1 Piece Door Glass
12146400 Glass, Center (13″ x 9″) (with gasket)
12146401 Glass, Side (4.3″ x 9″) (with gasket)
12054200 Handle Kit, Oak Door (WP2/WP4) – 2 per pkg.
12150507 Hinge Pin, Door (WP2/WP3; 5/16″ x 1-1/2″) – 2 per pkg.
12140102 Retainer, Brick (Right and Left)
12055205 Clip for Brass Glass Trim – 12 per pkg.
12145200 Trim Kit, Brass (for Center Glass)
12145202 Trim Kit, Brass (For Side Glass, left and right side)
12155000 Trivet, WP2 – Black Painted

Electrical Parts
12156009 Blower, Exhaust (Teardown, Complete)
12146109 Blower, Room Air – Convection Fan
12055902 Control Board Kit
12147705 Disc, High Limit (Bakolite, L250-30F; 60T21) Snap Switch
12057601 Disc, Low Limit (Ceramic F140-30F) Exhaust Heat Sensor
12155908 Fuse, Control Board (3.5 amp, Fast blow, 250 vac, 2 per pkg.)
12055908 Fuse, Igniter (6 amp, Fast blow, 12 per pkg.)
12155907 Fuse, In-Line Holder With Fuse
12056003 Hose, Pressure Switch, WP2 (orange; silicone; 1/4″ dia. X 4.5″)
12150213 Igniter Cartridge (probe, 380W. 3.3 A) Replacement = Super Ignitor
12040003 Igniter Cartridge, 6 pack
12058820 Power Cord with Molded End, Detachable (8 ft. 52L17)
16050001 Pressure Switch Kit (FS6460-910 red label; shuts off auger if exhaust becomes blocked)
16050205 Thermostat, Wall, Honeywell (wire not included)
12158811 Wiring Harness, WP2

Auger System Components
12046300 Auger, Motor (drives pellet feed auger)
12152202 Auger Kit (auger and set collar-screw)
12041300 Collar, Auger (includes set screw)
61050003 Gasket, Auger End Plate (Neoprene)
12153900 Plate, Auger End (with nylatron bushing

Ash Pan Door, Ash Trap Baffles, Related Parts

836215021 Unigrate with Adapter Kit
12156500 Ash Pan
12157600 Door Assembly, Ash Pan – Black
61057204 Gasket Kit, Ash Pan (3/8″ x 1/8″ x 10’)
12055500 Scraper Tool, Ash Pan/Grate
12150606 Trim, Ash Pan with Magnets – Black

Freestanding Only Parts
12251405 Lid with Hinge, Hopper (Freestanding) – Black
12254000 Panel, EZ Open, Left Side – Black
12256000 Panel, EZ Open, Right Side – Black
12255001 Panel, Top, Free Standing, Black

Insert Only Parts
12351405 Lid with Hinge, Hopper (Insert) – Black
12354000 Panel, EZ Open, Left Side (Insert) – Black
12355000 Panel, EZ Open, Right Side (Insert) – Black
12351401 Panel, Top Front – Black
12352901 Trim Kit, Brass (for Side Panel – Insert) – 2 per pkg.

Miscellaneous Parts
12150003 Accessory Package
12141920 Baffle Kit, Ash Trap (Left and Right)
12151307 Collar, Damper Rod set Screw (5pk)
61050003 Gasket, Auger End Plate
61057210 Gasket, Exhaust Blower Mounting (1/8″ lytherm)
61057203 Gasket, Room Air Blower, (neoprene rubber gasket)
12154201 Handle, Damper (3 per pkg.)
12151308 Plate Kit, Damper (use with 12151306 Damper Rod Kit – below)
12151306 Rod Kit, Damper (1/4″ rod; includes Allen wrench)
12100906 Rod, Heat Exchange Scraper

Firebox Parts
12146500 Firebrick Set (brick pattern; all 3 panels)
12051263 UltraGrate, 10 Rod

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