Whitfield Optima 3 Pellet Stove Parts

A1Stoves.com offers the complete line of parts available for the Whitfield Optima 3 pellet stove. Below is a list of parts for the Optima III, by clicking on any of the parts below you’ll be taken to our online shopping cart. If you don’t see what you are looking for please email us at info@A1Stoves.com or call us M-F, 8-5 pacific time 1-800-893-4950 and we’ll be happy to help you find the correct parts for your stove. Our trained customer service representatives are standing by now and we WANT to help!

Part Numbers Part Description and Link to Part

Door & Body Components
14750409 Ash Pan Optima 3 Free Standing
14750603 Ash Pan Optima 3 Insert
14750460 Ash Pan Cover Optima 3 FreeStanding
14750605 Ash Pan Cover Optima 3 Insert
14750458 (2) Door Assembly, Cast Iron Firebox Optima 3 Free Standing & Insert
61051000 Gasket, Door, 1” Rope, (7 Ft.) Optima 3 FS and INS
61057202 Gasket Kit, Glass (5/8 in. x 1/16 in. x 10 Ft.) All
H0254 Glass, Front , Includes gasket Optima 3 FS and INS
H0255 Glass, Side (order 2 if set is needed) Includes gasket Optima 3 FS & INS
14750700 Hinge Bracket Optima 3 FS and INS
13740005 Hopper Lid Hinge Brackets Optima 3 FS
11950068 Hopper Lid Hinge Brackets Optima 3 INS
14750406 Knob Kit, Door (includes latch, 3 washers, nut and door latch receiver) All
14750405 Opener, Door Handle All
14750449 Panel, Left Side Optima 3 FS
14750448 Panel, Right Side Optima 3 FS
14750465 Panel, Rear Optima 3 FS
14750612 Panel, Left Side Optima 3 Insert
14750613 Panel, Right Side Optima 3 Insert
14750617 Panel, Top (hopper lid) Optima 3 Insert
14750455 Panel, Top (hopper lid) Optima 3 Free Standing
12051409 Knob, Control Panel Door (6 per package with studs) Optima 3 Insert

Electrical Parts
12046300 Auger Motor All
12146109 Blower, Convection, Hard Washer ( Includes gasket) All
12050011 Blower, Exhaust All
16052112 Control Board Optima 3 FS and INS
12147705 Disc, High Limit Snap Switch, 250 DG (L250-30F,60T21) All
18150150 Fuse, Control Board, 5 Amp, 250 volt, Fast blow, 12 pk. All
12055908 Fuse, Igniter, 6 Amp, 125 volt, Fast blow, 12 pk. All
12140213 Igniter Probe, Replacement All
14750404 Photoeye Kit, Replacement All
12058820 Power Cord, 8 feet All
16050001 Pressure Switch All
16050205 Thermostat, Wall All
12050815 Wiring Harness All

Firebox Parts
11750011 Clips, Brick Optima 3 FS and INS
14750469 Firebox Baffle Optima 3 FS and INS
14750015 Firebrick Set, 3 pc. Optima 3 FS and INS
14750421 Housing, Igniter Tube Optima 3 FS and INS
12158905 UltraGrate All

Auger System Components
11756300 Auger Shaft All
12051001 Bumper, Auger (Set of 5) All
12041300 Collar and Screw Set, Auger (Set of 3) All
20950088 Flange, Auger (end plate) All

Misc. Parts
12151307 Collar, Damper Rod Set, 1/4 in. (with set screw) Optima 3 FS
12151309 Damper Rod, Complete Optima 3 FS
11750004 Damper Rod, Knob (6 per pack) All
15050058 Filter, Photoeye All
14650060 Gasket, Photoeye Optima 3 FS and INS
61050003 Gasket, Auger Flange, All
61050005 Gasket, Exhaust blower, All
61057203 Gasket, Room-Convection air blower, All
61050016 Gasket, Quick Disconnect All

12055500 Tool, Grate Scraper All
12050093 Quick Disconnect 3 in. Vent Side All

2 thoughts on “Whitfield Optima 3 Pellet Stove Parts

  1. Marcella Martinez

    I am hoping you can offer some assistance, We own a Whitfield Optima 3 pellet stove insert and when we start the stove when is starts to light it accumulates of smoke and then releases it from the blower into the room and we have cleaned it and checked the stove. It does not happen all the time but it fills the house with the smoke. Any suggestions on what may cause this??? Thanking you in advance.

  2. sootysue Post author

    Hello, Thanks for contacting us. Smoke like you are describing is usually caused by a leaking at the joints between the exhaust blower, connection or exhaust pipe connections. You should check all connectors and seal any leaks in the exhaust system with room temperature vulcanizing silicone sealer. If the problem persists please contact a certified Whitfield (Lennox) technician. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions.