Whitfield Prodigy I and II WP3 Pellet Stove Parts

A1Stoves.com carries the complete line of parts for the Whitfield Prodigy and Prodigy II pellet stoves. Below is a list of the parts that are still being produced by the manufacturer. Click on the part and you’ll be taken to our online shopping cart. If you don’t see what you are looking for or aren’t sure which parts you need to fix your Whitfield pellet stove, please email us at info@A1Stoves.com or call us, M-F, 8-5 pacific time 1-800-893-4950. We’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot your problem and help you find the right part for your stove.

Prodigy I (WP3) Serial Numbers 1001 – 2282, Prodigy II (WP3) Serial Numbers 2283 and UP. Model Years 1990-1994

Part Numbers Part Description and Link to Part

Door and Body Components
72045001 Shoulder Bolt Kit, Door Latch Boss
12054200 Handle, Door, Oak – 2 per pkg.
12150507 Hinge Pin, Door (WP2/WP3; 5/16 in. x 1-1/2 in.) – 2 per pkg.
72045000 Shoulder Bolt Kit, Door Latch
12055205 Clip for Brass Glass Trim – 12 per pkg.

Electrical Parts
13546210 Blower Motor, Exhaust (C-Frame, Booster,Neg. Pressure Extracts Exhaust to Vent ) with Cooling Fan Blade (SN 2282 and up)
12146109 Blower, Room Air (Convection Fan) (SN 1001 – 2281)
13057801 Disc, High Limit Snapswitch (250 Degrees F.; 36T style) – 4 per pkg.
12057601 Disc, Low Limit (Ceramic, F140-30F; 49T style)
16050001 Pressure Switch

Auger System Components
12046300 Motor, Auger Motor (Drives pellet feed auger)
13656003 Hose, Pressure Switch, 19 in. (may need to be cut to size)
12058200 Power Cord
12055908 Fuse, 6 Amp (Serial Numbers 2283-Up)
16050205 Thermostat, Wall, Honeywell (Wire, 16020204, not included)
12051100 Bushing, Auger (Oilite) – 12 per pkg.
61050003 Gasket, Auger End Plate (Neoprene)

Miscellaneous Parts
13546210 Optional Booster Motor Upgrade Kit
12041300 Auger Collar and Set Screw

Burn Pot Parts
13046500 Firebrick (ceramic fiber board)
13053500 Grate (SN 1001 and up)