Whitfield Quest Pellet Stove Parts

Looking for replacement parts for your Whitfield Quest pellet stove? We have all parts that are still in production for this stove. Please click on any of the parts listed below and you’ll be taken to our web site with a full list of available parts for the Whitfield Quest model pellet stove.

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Quest Insert WP4 and Quest Freestanding
P4 Model Years: 1994-2000

Part Numbers & Part Description


Door and Body Parts
13640075 Clip Kit, Glass Bottom
13640087 Bracket, Window Wash
13640075 Clip Kit, Glass Bottom
13640086 Clip Kit, Glass Side
13640085 Clip Kit, Glass Top
13650231 Door Assembly, Black (SN 1001 – 12139) Painted
13750800 Door Assembly, Black (SN 12140 – 29935) Freestanding Only
13650232 Door Assembly, Brown (SN 1001 – 12139) Painted
13750801 Door Assembly, Brown (SN 12140 – 29935) Freestanding Only
13750803 Door Assembly, Green (SN 12140 – 29935) Freestanding Only
13650234 Door Assembly, Slate (SN 1001 – 12139) Painted
13750802 Door Assembly, Slate (SN 12140 – 29935) Freestanding Only
61057100 Gasket Kit, Door (1/2 in. diameter, firm, 8 ft.)
H0257 Glass, Center (Includes gasket)
H0258 Glass, Side (Includes gasket)
12054200 Handle, Wood Door (Pkg. of 2)
12050506 Hinge Pin (2 per Pkg.) (52L16)
72045000 Shoulder Bolt (Door latch hardware)
72045001 Shoulder Bolt with Roller
13650046 Baffle, Heat Exchange
13740005 Bracket, Hopper Lid Support
13751154 Lid, Hopper – Black, Painted
13751054 Lid, Hopper, Black, Powder Coated
13751231 Panel, Left Side – Black, Painted
13751048 Panel, Left Side, Black, Powder Coated
13751147 Panel, Right Side – Black, Painted

Auger System and Electrical Parts
13746010 Blower, Exhaust with Housing (Combustion Fan) Freestanding
13646109 Blower, Room Air (Convection Blower)
13645900 Control Board
13057801 Disc, High Limit – Snapswitch (250 deg., 36T)
12057601 Disc, Low Limit Snapswitch (Ceramic, F140-30F)
61057210 Gasket, Exhaust Blower Mounting
61057203 Gasket, Room Air Blower Mounting (Convection Air Fan Gasket)
12046300 Motor, Auger
12058820 Power Cord (52L17)
13640014 Pressure Switch (Hose, PN 13656003, not included)
13656003 Hose, Pressure Switch, 19 in. (may need to be cut to size)
13648000 Wire Harness
13652100 Auger Shaft Kit
12041300 Collar, Auger (Includes Set Screw)
61050003 Gasket, Auger Retention Plate
13650072 Plate, Auger End (with Nylatron Bushing)

Miscellaneous Parts
13740003 Cable, Damper Freestanding
13640002 Knob, Auger Control (2 per pkg.)
12051409 Knob, Control Door